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Coffee Cup Quiche
Yield: 1 serving 1 egg 1 1/2 tablespoons milk Salt Ground black pepper 1/4 of a bagel (or similar amount of French bread, etc.) 2 teaspoons cream cheese 1/2 slice prosciutto or ham Fresh thyme leaves or fresh chopped chives Dijon mustard 1. Beat egg and milk together with a fork in a coffee cup, adding salt and pepper to taste. Tear bread into dime-size pieces; stir in. Add cream cheese; stir in. Tear or cut prosciutto into small pieces; add to mixture. Sprinkle with thyme. 2. Microwave on high until done, about 1 minute 10 seconds. Garnish with mustard and fresh thyme or chives.
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Another great breakfast for when I go back to work! Thanks!
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This recipe looks awesome. I live on my own and always find myself wasting a lot of ingredients. Single-serving recipes are so helpful!
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This is so easy! Definitely making this once the weather cools down.
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This looks so delicious--a perfecr snack for midday!
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I already have so many variations in mine!
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