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Ok...I think I'm biased because I love San E but isn't this acoustic version just amazing!? And Bumkey's voice - this acoustic version really showcases his skills, it's seriously impressive. I love San E's comment at the beginning "I think it's "too much" for the public...but it's about real life! You all make love to your girlfriend, right?!". I just love this guy haha @kpopandkimchi I feel like you should see this if you haven't already!
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San-E ^^ I love the bit in the beginning where he promises to buy dinner for fans who are a bigger fan of him than he is...I think he owes me dinner!
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I seriously just love this guy
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@aero2042 isn't he just amazing
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I have no clue what is being said but the flow of this track is fantastic - he's a really talented rapper! (The girl looks rather awkward though!)
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