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Rich Man Poor Woman Ep 7 Preview + Discussion
What will happen in next ep? Makoto to Hyuga: I'm glad I got to work with you (with tears in her eyes and her usual bright smile on her face :((( ) Full preview for ep 7 is out on official site http://www.fujitv.co.jp/richman-poorwoman/story/index.html Well I guess the biggest question is what happened between Hyuga and Yoko???? The preview didn't give us any clue to what might happen! Evil PD-san!! I just wanna know did they do it or not. I'll be so disappointed in Hyuga if he actually did something! On the other hand, looks like Yoko found out what her brother has been doing behind Hyuga's back. I wonder how Hyuga is gonna get out of that mess that Asahina created. Well he can always start the company over from scratch with Makoto~
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sigh... that sort of scene always makes me emotional - when the character is going through so much pain but still smiles through it all!