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It really bothers me when the Korean and English titles match up...it just makes for so much confusion. This week JJCC are returning with 빙빙빙 / Oneway. I didn't really have any idea who these guys when I first saw this teaser but a few wikipedia searches jigged my memory and it turns out they are the boy group from Jackie Chan's entertainment group. JJCC (which is pronounced Double-JC...not "J-J-C-C" as you'd be forgiven for expecting) apparently stands for "Jackie Chan Joins Cultures". Apparently the band name is a tribute to Chan as well as his effort to "join cultures" in Asia through music....how modest! Their name aside, believe it or not, I do actually like these guys. I loved their debut track 'At First' even though I thought the video was a bit low-budget looking. Their voices fit really well together and have a really nice flow. This teaser doesn't really give us much to go on although it's pretty obvious that this comeback track is going to be more of a dance track. The video doesn't look much better but I'm not one to judge a book by a cover so let's all just wait and see... the full MV will be revealed on Thursday.
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Like you I really liked their debut track - I'll be interested to see what the new track brings, especially to see how their voices fit together on a more upbeat track