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Mullholland Drive is home to exotic car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and cyclists alike. They all come to the hill for the same thing, the beautiful sweeping bends of the road. However, Mullholland Drive is one of the most dangerous roads in the US. There are hundreds of crashes every year. Things get sticky when cyclists are thrown into the mix of motorcyclists and drivers testing their luck on the blind turns of Mullholland. Cyclists are a relatively defenseless road user. When a cyclist "takes the lane" he is taking a defensive stance in the road, not allowing cars to pass recklessly close. That is why taking the lane falls under legal road use on nearly every road in the US. My question to everyone is, when does courtesy outweigh legal road use? In the first clip of this video we see a cyclist holding up a long convoy of other road users, including two LEO's. The reason the police officers are not pulling him over is because he is using the road legally. Cars are not passing him because of the dangers and illegality of going across the doubled yellow lines. Unfortunately, because the cyclist is a slower moving vehicle he causes considerable traffic. At the top of the hill the cyclist reportedly pulled to the side to allow everyone to pass. What would you do in this situation? Would you stay in the middle where it is legal to do so but would cause a traffic jam? Would ride on the shoulder of the road where the potential of being sideswiped increases dramatically? Or would you take the courteous route and just pull off to the side and enduring the pain of climbing up the rest of the hill from a dead stop?
I'd let them pass. It would be good p.r. for cycling.
I cycle and I would let them pass. Taking the lane although legal on an up hill tying up all that traffic is crazy and inconsiderate. Down hills are different where speeds are a bit faster.
I would let them pass. People in cars can be evil.
I cycle and I take my lane but in this case I most likely I would pull over. Although, assuming there are other routes to get around, I probably wouldn't ride this road because if it's this busy and dangerous is it really worth the risks.
I dont cycle but why not let them pass? it saves you from upsetting a lot of people and makes the drivers have more respect for the next cyclist they see!
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