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I was just looking at our anime party and there are sooooo many cards!!!^_^ This is great, but it is hard to find people on here with so many cards, so I wanted to start a card where people can introduce themselves to everyone on here. That way we don't lose anyone in all of these cards and we can get to know each other better. >.< So If you can, just leave a comment here with a fun fact about anything you want. I'll start first down in the comments section. ^_^
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Eddylandon- I love anime and korean dramas im really not that intristing i mostly read, write and watch TV lol
And do you know what anime that is?
@eddylandon--Gintama, lol, I love that show too :)
:) thanks cant wait to watch it :)
watashi wa Avin desu ^_^ ---that's about all the japanese i know. lol. I like to watch anime and read manga--i think that going to conventions is a waste of anime watching time.