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A pedestrian and a cyclist collide while traveling in the same direction on a shared use path. The cyclist is seen maneuvering to the left of a runner when the runner moves into the path of the cyclist causing an accident. I am not sure why the runner would move to the left side of the path. In the beginning of the video the runner looks behind him. He have thought the cyclist was trying to pass on the right. In any case, this is why I think cycling on shared paths can be dangerous. Even when I try to warn others of my presence by calling out "on your left!" often times the alert only serves to confuse and startle the person.
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@JackMehoff Absolutely right. Same goes for everyone really, not just runners.
People are oblivious. Act accordingly.
It appears the runner reached the mile marker seen on the left side of the patch and was turning around for their return leg. A simple announcement would have prevented this accident. The video also shows the cyclist being overly aggressive in my opinion when they split the runners. We as cyclist ask/expect motorist to share the road and should reciprocate that when sharing the paths with others.
This is why I always slow down when passing pedestrians
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