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On the August 15 broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, the cast of the SBS drama Faith—Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Deok Hwa and Yoo Oh Sung—was brought in for an interview with the show Kim Hee Sun first got on the subject of Lee Min Ho’s image, saying, “According to your best friend Jung Il Woo, you’re rude and you don’t leave very good first impressions; what first impressions do you believe you leave people with?” To this Lee Min Ho started, “People think I’m a party animal, that I always drink and that I like women,” to clear up the fact that he wasn’t so. Kim Hee Sun, however, butted in half-jokingly, “Oh, so you’re not?” Lee Min Ho continued to clear up the situation by saying, “I actually can’t drink a lot, I rarely go outside and I like to stay at home.” Lee Min Ho also joked about his muscular body, “I lost 7 kilograms while filming [for the drama]. Now, I have no body.” Photo credit: SBS
cute.. <3
"now i have no body" awww cuteee
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He's always perfect in my eyes! >3