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this song video is been going wild in youtube i thght u all would like 2 c it 2 the song is beautiful I will include the eng translation of the lyrics here plzz check it out Zaroori Tha Lyrics Translation [Rahat Fateh Ali Khan] English Numerous words must have clung to your feet, when you burnt the last letter of mine.. when you removed flowers from books, you must have remembered the one who gave, too.. It was necessary for the river of your eyes to come down.. [i.e. it was necessary for your tears to come down.] The love was necessary, and the separation was necessary too. It was necessary that we both had lots of wishes.. but then the falling off of the wishes was necessary too.. It was necessary for the river of your eyes to come down.. Tell me do you remember when you stole my heart.. And you made the stolen thing the house of God.. When you used to say that you say my name while praying and are afraid of ___ the prayers of love.. Those talks were just talks, and somewhere, it was necessary to drift away from those talks [as in, to break those promises.] We have the same faces, it's the same me and the same you. But I am lost, and you're lost somewhere too. I had ditched in love, so I was unbeliever, and so I still am. I have found my destinations, and still I am a traveller as I was. Removed from your heart, where I wandered and where I reached, (I don't know) But when I wandered, I realized, that it was necessary to wander too.
@saharhyunjoong I feel bad for not recognizing that, a lot of my friends speak urdu at home!! Thanks for sharing this :)
my story
what an awesome music video. I'd never heard any urdu songs before~ I really liked it!
I felt like I just watched a mini movie!
@caricakes this is urdu :-) hun thanku 4 checking it out :-)
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