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To The Beautiful You (Korean Drama) Ep 3 Preview [Eng]

Ooooh To The Beautiful You has just released the preview for Episode 3!!!! Posting it here now for you guys. v3sia are working together to post lotsss of stuff for TTBY, so check out the page and our other links! Ep 1 Live Recap ( ) Ep 2 Preview ( ) Ep 2 Live Recap ( ) Ep 2 Subbed video ( Ep 3 Preview ( ) Luka's page ( ) v3sia's page ( ) TTBY page ( ============================================= To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Preview [Eng Subs] Video link: Translation: Taejoon: You said you came here to make me jump again, but there is no need to do that. Just take it as I have already resigned Jae Hee: Can't he remember what happened yesterday? Eungyeol: So, he did it to you? [referring to THE KISS!!!] Jae Hee: I don't like him! It's not like that! Eungyeol: We are both guys. If we take a shower together, maybe we will know the truth and find out ... Han-Na: Goo Jae Hee... I feel uneasy about you... Taejoon: I don't think I can share this room with you anymore. ========================================== Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this drama!!!
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guys v3sia is doing live recaps of Episode 3 here -->
@sheilaestur it airs Wed and Thurs on 9:55pm Korean Time! lets watch it TOGETHERRR
@riazuziek did you manage to watch the video link? i posted it i hope u managed to watch it! link is here again in case you missed it --
whats the airing time for this drama?,im only watching this drama as of now
if not cool to see pictures,curious,try watching it..
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