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Daehyun Kim was born in Seoul in 1980, and now lives and works in Seoul. He studied traditional East Asian painting in university, and has been drawing the Moonassi series ever since then. According to Daehyun, "The series is my life-time project. There is no specific background story or a theory about the drawing. Each drawing is created based on my daily thoughts and feelings. I draw to meditate on myself and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end."
these feel like different moods, representations of feelings and moods one goes through and how they may feel abiut their life and themselves. even tho they are not literal I feel at some time or another I can relate to these feelings.
The last one is spooky
I love that the story behind these isnt just a story, its his real life. Much more powerful than him just creating a character.
So pretty. I love the balance of negative/positive space. 1 and 3 are probably my favorites.