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saw that one coming
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why choiza!!!! anyway am happy she is dating chugha-yo
I think everyone saw that one coming haha @sakurablossom96
Took them long enough!
Why do people concern themselves in things that isn't their business??? So effin what?? She's adult enough to date whoever she wants! I really hate Netizens being unreasonable to her!
@pixiececi you're completely right~ she's old enough to date and her personal business should stay personal but in reality we all know this isn't the case, people delving into your personal life is part and parcel of being an idol. I live in Korea at the moment and quite a few of my Korean friends who are big fans of one artist or another tend to be of the opinion that since the fans have made such an investment in the artist (I.e buying all the CD covers not just one and buying ridiculous amounts of other (expensive!) promotional materials) that the artists somehow "owe" them something...of course, I don't agree with this view but it's a view worth taking into account. Personally, I hope they're both very happy together :)