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The cyclists seen here was traveling down a narrow road in a NYC neighborhood when a minivan begins to get impatient with the cyclist's pace. The driver of the minivan repeatedly attempts to pull in front of the cyclists in a dangerous manner. When the car gets too close the cyclists knocks on the car to alert the driver of the close distance. At this point the driver's rage intensifies. Once again the driver pulls into oncoming traffic, this time blocking the lane completely. He then steps out of the car and begins to harass the cyclist. He tells the cyclists he cannot ride int he middle of the street, which is the legal and safest way to ride a bicycle on a narrow road. As the arguments continue the cyclist is soon surrounded by community members taking the side of the driver. Finally, another driver sees the harassment and comes to the aid of the cyclist. What do you think is the best course of action to take against dangerous drivers? Is tapping on the side of the car acceptable when you see yourself in danger? What about when you are confronted with a driver? What do you believe is the best way to handle this situation?
I live in az road rage gets you shot so folk tend to be a bit calmer and take a nice wide birth around you your bike and the hunk of metal on your hip
@MarcNelson I couldn't agree more. Some people are just too quick to anger though, they don't think about the other person as a person, just an inconvenience
This is sad. What a waste of everyone's time. The driver should get over it and let the guy move on. There are bigger problems in this world than to hold up traffic over a little perceived inconvenience. Of course I see both sides of the motorist vs. cyclist traffic argument. When I'm riding, I try to be as careful and considerate of drivers as I can possibly be. And when I'm driving, I try to be as careful and considerate of cyclists as I can be. There are good and bad among all walks of life. It just seems there are too many people who are too impatient and too self-important to show a little consideration for others in general. Of course I hate rude people as much as the next person does, but there's something to be said for choosing one's battles wisely these days. JMO.
The guy driving the car is at fault he was showing obvious road rage.
This is crazy. I would have booked it out of there and called the ops
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