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Best Spots to Photograph the Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong has one of the most impressive skylines I have ever seen. Here's the top places to capture it! On Top of Victoria Peak - Day or night this view is amazing! Take a tram to the top or hike it! Along the Avenue of Stars - Very crowded at night, but the crowd wont get in the way of your shots ;) At the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Less popular, still amazing view.
really niceee woww thanks 4 sharing :-)
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I am obsessed with the skylines of different Asian cities. I feel like it reflects the trend of globalization and the region's access to technology/modern design.
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I'd love to visit Hong Kong, but I'd definitely have to take the tram to the top of the Peak, that looks way too high for me.
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I love the water level shot! So beautiful!
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