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Surfing the Superwaves of Teahupo'o

Welcome to Teahupo’o, otherwise known as “a place of skulls.” The island has seen an explosion of popularity in the last 15 years as it has transformed into a hot surfing destination. Every August since 1999, the Billabong Pro Teahupoo is held in the village. Huge names in surfing, from Kelly Slater to Mick Fanning ride the waves yearly. Yet, there is a reason only the best of the best are advised to ride here: the waves typically reach heights of seven to 10 feet, and occasionally as high as 21 feet. Teahupo’o waves are routinely ranked among the 10 most dangerous in the world, a nomadic place where five lives have been claimed since 2000. Anyone in less than peak, physical condition will fail. Even the best are conquered at times. “I watched Kelly Slater wipe out and break a rib,” Westlake said. “So, not for the faint of heart.” Westlake explained. “Once you are out there the power of the wave is staggering.”
This doesn't seem like the place to learn to surf....I'll take a rain check
There are a ton of surfers near me that catch waves when theres a tsunami warning. And I thought THEY were crazy!?
ahh good ol' tchoup!
ill just watch too, thanks :)
If the pros can't handle this than I clearly have NO business there!
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Surf and Skate Part II
Surfing and skating go hand in hand. Skateboarding was originally known as street surfing. Over the years both sports have influenced each other. I've put together a few videos, well two cards worth, that showcase a part of the relationship. There is something here for everyone who longboards, shortboards or surfs. Watch each video and pay close attention to how they ride and what they are saying. Yeah, some repeat what another is saying or doing but you will find something new in each. Jay Adams, Larry Bertlemann and Buttons all speak about their influences and show in their riding or surfing how each influences the other. Check out Bertlemann's "Go Pro"from the 70's lol! There's instructions on pumping and carving from surfers and a history lesson on skateboard carving from Paul Riechele III. I threw in some carver boards just to show how surfing and skating have truly come together and to showcase a different style of board and trucks. If you love longboarding whether it's downhill, freeride, freestyle, cruising, carving, slalom or hitting the pools or ditches you can perfect your style by taking cues from surfers and skaters who surf. Speaking of style, these videos also spend a lot of time urging you to develop your own. Style is what makes your riding different from everyone else and is how many riders become sponsored. Style essentially comes from the soul of the surfer or skater. It can take years to truly master your own style and make it look steezy. The key is to learn all you can from every aspect of the sport, mold it into what you like the most and do it in a way that makes it your own. Oh and you'll see some excellent kick flips with 46 inch boards. Save those for your "regular"skater friends to watch and learn lol! Be yourself, and enjoy the ride.
A quick guide to Tap Portugal Refund Process !
Tap Portugal allows you to cancel the ticket and get a refund if your plan changes. You can get a refund by cancelling your ticket online and submitting a refund request form. Once the refund request is shared, the airline takes around 7-20 business days to process your refund. The refund time depends on several factors, including cancellation time and payment mode.  As per Tap Portugal Refund Policy, If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of booking, you get the full refund immediately. Besides, you can avoid the delay in refund by following the correct refund procedure. In case you are not clear, here are the quick steps for your reference.  Follow the procedure below to get a refund from Tap Portugal * Get on the official website of Tap Portugal and login to your account * You can otherwise click on the My Booking section at the top of the homepage * Provide the booking details required to retrieve your bookings * Select the ticket you want to cancel and proceed further with the cancellation process * The system then provides you with the refund option * Open the refund request form and fill in your ticket number * Now provide the refund-related details in the form on-screen and provide the reason for cancellation; once the details are filled, you can click on submit button So above is the online process you can follow to request a refund correctly. If you don't find the online process feasible, call the airline directly on its refund phone number. You can speak to the agent and share the refund request. The agent will verify booking details and check the eligibility. If your ticket is eligible, they will process the refund simultaneously.  By reading the information above, hopefully, you are clear about How to get refund from Tap Portugal? Moreover, if you still need any help or assistance through the refund process, you can speak to the Tap Portugal contact center 24/7 via different modes of communication.
4 Reasons Why A Holiday In Bandipur Jungle Resorts Should Be On Top Of Your To-Do List This Year!
Bandipur is the perfect holiday destination for those who love wildlife, adventure sports, and stunning landscapes. The Bandipur National Park is home to some of India’s rarest species of animals and has recently become famous for its tiger safaris. And nestled close to the national park, Wildlife Resorts In India offer the best adventurous, exploration, and sightseeing opportunities to holidaymakers. Bandipur Jungle Resorts offer the perfect opportunity for couples, families, or friends to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives to experience some amazing fun activities. What better way to spend time together than at a resort where you can enjoy nature and relax? The good thing is that these resorts and lodges have several customized packages to choose from. if you’re planning to visit Bandipur, here’s why you should consider booking a holiday in wildlife resorts and lodges this year. 1. Wildlife Bandipur is home to some of India's best wildlife reserves. There are over 100 species of mammals, including leopards, tigers, elephants, monkeys, deer, wild boar, and even rhinos! You’ll also find birds galore, including peacocks, parrots, owls, and many others. And if you’re lucky enough, then you can also spot a tiger in its natural habitat during your stays at jungle Resorts In Bandipur. 2. Adventure Activities Wildlife Bandipur Resorts offer plenty of adventure and outdoor activities for the holidaymakers. Hiking is popular, but you can also go horse riding, mountain biking, bird watching, and even rappelling. If you’d rather stay indoors, you can enjoy elephant rides, boat trips, jeep safaris, jungle safaris, and so on. In fact, you can customize your holiday package according to your needs for wildlife exploration and adventurous sports in Bandipur. 3. Food & Accommodation In Bandipur, you can find some of the most renowned and best Wildlife Resorts In India. It ranges from high-end luxury resorts to budget lodges. But if you want something a little more rustic, you can always stay at one of the local homestays. If you’re a solo traveler and looking for some extremely cheap lodging options, you can opt for simple places where you will be sharing a room with locals and have access to basic facilities. 4. Nature During your stays at wildlife Resorts In Bandipur, you won’t find any hustle-bustle of the city. There will be just pristine nature, serenity, and calmness around. The forests are lush and green, and the air is filled with fresh oxygen. You will feel completely relaxed during your vacation. You also can get the opportunity to capture some amazing images of the animals in their natural habitat. Conclusion Bandipur Resorts offer a unique experience for anyone who wants to enjoy nature and relax in peace. Whether you want to go hiking or spend time at the spa, Bandipur Jungle Resorts have something for everyone. Source URL: https://bit.ly/3AzmsJ0
Adventures to Try on Your Vacation in Doha – Vacation Done Right!
Image via unsplash While enjoying your vacation in luxurious Doha hotels, you might want to try something new and thrilling. Luckily for you, Doha is full of fun-filled activities to keep you engaged throughout the day. If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few. Dune Bashing Image via unsplash If you haven’t tried dune bashing when you’re in Doha, you haven’t done anything. The sights of the never-ending Qatari deserts mixed with the adrenaline rush will be an unforgettable experience. Most travellers hire a dune buggy or a 4x4 vehicle to drive up and down the dunes. Dune bashing is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Skydiving Image via unsplash If you’re constantly seeking adventure, skydiving is another sport you have wanted to try. Doha is famous for successful dives that utilise the best professionals and safety measures. You can have a thorough training session before you go out there to experience the adventures. Scuba Diving Image via unsplash Scuba diving is one of the most exhilarating sports for an adventure lover. The warm water in Doha makes it a soothing, relaxing experience to dive deep into the oceans at multiple sights. The corals, fish, and submerged oil cars make it a fantastic day to remember. Camel Ride Image via unsplash Camel rides in the deserts are a fun way to enjoy the sands and bathe in the sun. Camels are mighty creatures who slowly pace in the deserts, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings. If you go on a camel ride in the evening, you will be able to witness the stunning sky decorated with a mix of colours above the rustic sands, a sight to cherish in your memories and reels!