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Byron Essert and Alex Tongue going down this gnarly run in the French Alps. The Alps have long been a home for bicycle enthusiasts and bicycle racing. It seems as though longboarders are starting to realize how amazing these roads truly are. Although Byron and Alex are both very experienced riders, I would not recommend these steep and populated hills to just anyone. These two have considerable control over their boards, where less experienced riders could injury themselves or the cyclists around them. The only thing that gets me a little angry is that the longboarders buzz the cyclists a few times while in the straights. If you are in a straight line there is no need to get close to anyone else. That goes for other cyclists, cars, longboarders, and anyone else brave enough to ride down at speed.
As long as these guys are in control then I'm happy to share the road
you guy are awesome, no crash to other biker.
Longboarder here, I agree that was a little close for comfort near those cyclists. For the most part everything was fine though