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An Introduction to Arabic Music

The first video is an old video discussing traditional Arabic music. How this awesome music scene is a mix of many outside inspirations, but staying completely unique to itself. I also attached two videos (Elissa and Amal Hijazi) to show how modern Arabic music has grown while still holding onto a hint of traditional style. To see more examples of how these scene has transformed, check out my Latin and Arabic Fusion collection here:
I really like the second song!
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(ناشطة بـ"توتير" تعرض صورة توضح التلاعب بنتائج (اراب ايدول
صدمت ناشطة بموقع التواصل الاجتماعى "تويتر" المطربة (أحلام) عندما عرضت لها علي حسابها الشخصى بـ"توتير" صورة تؤكد صدق إدعائها بأن فوز المتسابقة (كارمن سيلمان) كان معروف مسبقا. توضح الصورة اسم كارمن على الدرع المقدم لها وهذا يثير الجدل حيث من المفترض أن الفائز يتوقف على تصويت الجمهور ولا تقرره لجنة التحكيم. وتسائلت الناشطة عن كيفية إحضار درع واحد فقط قبل إعلان النتائج بما إن الفائز سيستلم الدرع الذى يحمل اسمه. وعلقت أحلام إنها صدمت من هذه الصورة، ولفتت إلى إنها لا علم لها عن هذا الموضوع كما أنه من المعروف لدى الجميع إنها كانت من مشجعين المشتركة (دينا بطمة). جدير بالذكر أن المطربة أحلام تواجه هجوم شديد على حسابها الشخصى من بعض النشطاء السعوديين وذلك بسبب رفضها منح المتسابق السعودي محمد طاهر بطاقة الإنقاذ الوحيدة التي كانت من الممكن أن تنقذه من الخروج من البرنامج وهذا الهجوم جعلها تفقد أعصابها وترد بطريقة عنيفة جدا على مهاجميها.
The 10 Best Arab Films
Fifty years of movie magic, from Tunisia to Iraq, as chosen by Omar al-Qattan, film-maker and chair of Shubbak – A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture. 1. The Night (Al-Lail) Mohammad Malas, 1993 A great Syrian film. It is about the director's home town of Quneitra, on the borders of the Golan Heights, which was almost completely destroyed by the Israelis after the 1967 war and remains in ruins. 2. The Mummy (Al-Mummia), aka The Night of Counting the Years Shadi Abdel Salam, 1969 Set in Egypt at the end of the 19th century, it tells of a peasant family living off the illegal trade in pharaonic treasures. 3. Watch out for ZouZou (Khally ballak min ZouZou) Hassan Al Imam, 1972 It is a comedy of class conflict – Zouzou (Soad Hosny) comes from Cairo's popular quarters but is attending the liberal world of university. 4. The Cruel Sea (Bas-Ya-Bahar) Khalid Al Siddiq, 1972 Shot in black and white, it evokes the pre-oil days when Kuwait relied almost entirely on the sea, either for trade or for pearl-fishing. 5. Fertile Memory (Al Dhakira al Khasba) Michel Khleifi, 1980 Fertile Memory is a portrait of two women: one a radical young Palestinian novelist, a divorcée, living with her daughters in the Occupied Territories; the other Khleifi's illiterate aunt, who lost her husband just after the 1948 war. 6. The Dupes (Al-makhdu'un) Tewfik Saleh, 1973 Set in Iraq, shot in Syria, based on a famous Palestinian novel by Ghassan Kanafani (assassinated by the Israelis in 1972) and directed by an Egyptian, this harrowing film is about a group of Palestinian workmen in the early 50s trying to cross the border illegally from Iraq into Kuwait, to join the oil boom. 7. Man of Ashes (Rih Essed) Nouri Bouzid, 1986 This powerful film about working-class boys growing up in Tunisia caused a stir because it deals with sexual harassment and homosexuality. 8. The Call of the Nightingale (Doa al-Karawan), aka The Nightingale's Prayer Henry Barakat, 1960 The heroine, a peasant girl, decides to take revenge on a handsome engineer who has seduced her sister and caused her "honour" killing by her uncle. 9. 12 Angry Lebanese Zeina Daccache, 2009 The film was partly an attempt to reform the country's criminal and penal laws and improve prison living conditions. 10. Chitchat on the Nile (Thartharah fawq al-Nil) aka Adrift on the Nile Hussein Kamal, 1971 Based on a novel by Naguib Mahfouz, this film's theme is decadence. It is set on an illicit barge on the Nile where disenchanted government employees meet to get drunk and smoke hashish.
بطما: لو حصلت على لقب «آراب أيدول» لما اكتسبت هذه الشهرة
قالت الفنانة، دنيا بطما، نجمة «آراب أيدول» حول وقوع تغيير في موقفها من نتيجة البرنامج الذي فازت فيه المصرية كارمن سليمان: أكيد لا، أنا تقبلت الموقف بروح رياضية ولم يكن لدي أي إشكال، لأنني والحمد لله كسبت قلب الجمهور الذي أحبني. وبخصوص ما يتردد عن تصريحها بكون كارمن سليمان تستحق لقب «آراب أيدول»، أجابت دنيا بطما بأن وصولها الى جانب كارمن سليمان الى المرحلة النهائية من المسابقة يعني أنهما تستحقان اللقب، مضيفة في حديث لها مع «إيلاف»: أكيد أنني كنت أتمنى أن يكون اللقب مغربيا، ولكن بغض النظر عن أن المسابقة تخضع للتصويت فإنني لم أواجه أي إشكال، والحمد لله إنني مرتاحة لأنني أدركت قيمتي لدى الجمهور العربي الذي أحبني كثيرا، وهذا كان شرفا كبيرا لي وفخرا لدنيا بطما ولست نادمة لأنني لم أحرز اللقب، لأنني لو حصلت عليه لما تمكنت من اكتساب هذه الشهرة الواسعة وهذه المحبة الكبيرة من الناس.
How To Care For Your Samsung Gear
Taking care of your gadgets doesn't seem like a challenging task. Still, it might become tricky if you're not regular with taking good care of your devices so you can avoid costly repairs and extend their period of effectiveness. These simple, do-it-yourself steps can help you use a device for a long time without wearing it down or worrying about a replacement, so buckle up! Samsung's wearables are very popular and widely used all over the world. Smartwatches are the future of electronics and innovation, and it's no surprise seeing them take over the markets with extensive sales and a vast audience. Who wouldn't want a mini-computer the size of your wrist? repair They're convenient, light, and super helpful! These wearables can be connected to phones and used for many purposes, simple and advanced. Depending on your device, you can access nearly everything you do with your phone from just your smartwatch, and with Samsung, it's a given you're going to be hooked on these smart devices! They're reliable and easy to use, but using your smartwatch for long periods can often wear it down. The device isn't immune to grime and dirt or other things that might require a repair computer but there are a few simple steps you can carry out yourself to ensure your Samsung gear is in good condition for a long time! Straightforward measures to help increase your Samsung Gear durability We'll list a few simple measures you can take yourself to make sure you're taking good care of your smartwatch, so you don't have to worry about wearing it out too quickly! Usually, smartwatches are pretty durable on their own, but exposure to rough conditions and uncaring use can lead to their effectiveness shortening by quite a lot. Here are some ways you can avoid that from happening. Clean it regularly Cleaning your smartwatch regularly and carefully is one of the best ways to prevent early wear and tear! Being worn on wrists and exposed to lots of contaminants means your Samsung Gear is bound to gather its fair share of dirt and grime, so it becomes a necessity to make sure you're cleaning the device with a soft, lint-free cloth and no chemical products. Wearing unclean watches can also lead to irritation of sensitive skin, so it's better to be safe and clean your smart watch in a very gentle, straightforward way. Keep away from ionized water or toxic fluids. When cleaning or exposing your Samsung Gear to water, make sure the water is fresh. Ionized water or other toxic fluids can cause damage to the smartwatch to a great degree, so watch out for contaminated water, and even when cleaning, use fresh water. Keep the charging ports safe from the liquid. Maintain the straps Your Samsung Gear's straps need regular cleaning and adjusting to ensure you're using them the right way without too much damage. Leather or rubber straps have their own ways of cleaning, so do an adequate amount of research on their cleaning. Do not bend your straps too much, as this can cause tears or cracks, and adjust the straps to the right size for your wrist. Keep it dry, but don't blow dry! If your Samsung Gear makes contact with water or you're trying to dry it after cleaning, make sure you get to do that with a soft, lint-free cloth and do not use external heating devices such as blow dryers to dry off the water. After cleaning with a cloth, let the smartwatch air dry and make sure it's thoroughly dried! Summary Hence, it's not too hard to carry out some simple steps that can help prolong your smartwatch's life. After all, you wouldn't want such a precious device worn out too quickly! However, if any damages occur and your Samsung Gear needs repair, reliable places offer extraordinary repairs and extremely budget-friendly services. Check them out for various iPhone repairs, computer repairs, cell phone accessories, and much more!