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I adore this recipe! I have loved doll cakes ever since my mom made me one for my 8th birthday, and it's so fun to see the Disney princesses get turned into cakes :) I like this particular tutorial because it doesn't require fondant, only icing (and cake, of course!) THINGS YOU WILL NEED: 8 inch by 1 inch cake pan 8 inch by 2 inch cake pan Mixing bowl Cake Spinner Round cookie cutter Frozen Elsa doll Frozen Anna doll Cake Mix #48 Frosting tip Any other frosting tips you want to use Glitter
This looks like something @pixiedust would love!! Disney meets baking hahaah
I think I could manage this!! I can't wait to try
Thanks @sophiamor! I've seen this before and I really want to try it myself but my decorating skills aren't quite up to par haha, maybe someday!
I have to make these! I have made my fair share of doll cakes, but haven't tried Frozen yet.
At first I thought the doll part was cake too! Even just the skirt bit is impressive.
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