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Until now, the only post worthy salad that I've eaten in Korea was the delicious shrimp and mushroom salad that I ate at Dochi's restaurant in Gangnam. In Korea, good salads are few and far between. It was with that thought in mind that I stood outside Salady in Seolleung for a good five minutes before finally biting the bullet and deciding to go in. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would it match up to the mediocre salad I would usually order at Paris Baguette? Or heaven forbid, would it be even worse? I stood in front of the menu board chewing my lip wondering what to order. The store assistant asked me if I had chosen my order and I decided to go with the salmon and lemon salad. She looked slightly embarrassed - they were out of salmon. Hmm. Not a good start. I looked back to the board and decided on the chicken caesar salad instead. She smiled and took my order, apologising again for having no salmon. The restaurant was quite empty (it was 2:30pm...I eat lunch late) so I sat down, got comfy and just as my drama loaded, my order was ready. Now to me a caesar salad means chicken, salad, croutons, parmesan and maybe avocado if you're lucky but this is Korea.... I was pleasantly surprised. What I got was close; a no-frills salad with a decent topping of chopped nuts and shredded chicken breast. The best bit? The little corn bread which came with it. Oh - and the fact that without me even having to say anything, they served the dressing on the side. As for the taste? Well, it tasted like salad but it was a good salad. The lettuce leaves were fresh, the chicken had been grilled with a light touch of pepper and I was really impressed by the rich, flavoursome dressing. The portion size was good - significantly bigger than the little boxed salads from Paris Baguette and at only 4900원, substantially cheaper too. Count me impressed. So impressed in fact, I think I'll go there for lunch tomorrow too!