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"Every 22 minutes a woman in India is raped. That’s roughly the same length of time as an episode of Friends. Last month two teenage girls were brutally raped and hanged whilst relieving themselves in a field near their home in Uttar Pradesh. This was the final straw in a country that has been plagued with brutal rape crimes. Since the gang rape of a young physiotherapist on a bus in Delhi back in 2012, violence against women has been generating massive international media attention." The opening paragraph of JJ's recent post on women's rights in India. In response to the global support, particularly among Western nations, that has shown that the world will not sit back quietly and let violent crimes against women continue to occur in India, the government has rushed through a series of promises to promote women's rights and educate the populace. Only time will tell whether these actions will be life changing initiatives or nothing more than broken promises. Read the article in full on her site.
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makes me realise how lucky I was to be born in the Western world. It's appalling that these women are still living in such conditions.
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