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Vicki Davis shares some great ideas on how to incorporate the ALS ice bucket challenge into teaching about social media. To get students thinking in a deeper way about social media campaigns, use these bellringers posted by Vicki on her website. (She notes that you can use and share, just not commercially!) She says the questions below help students become good digital citizens, but I'd say students who use this kind of critical thinking become good citizens all around! Her questions for students: What is ALS? What does ALS do? What is the Ice Bucket Challenge? What are the rules? Some have criticized this fundraiser for promoting slactivism? What is that? It is fun but where are the funds? Are they actually raising money? What impact has this challenge had on ALS Fundraising? What is one of the biggest criticisms of the celebrity videos made on this? What is the ice bucket challenge fail? What is a pop culture phenomenon? Are there ways that something like this could be used to promote a cause that is not worthy? What should you do to make up your mind as to whether you will participate in something like this? Ask deeper questions to get students thinking about how social media can be used in a positive way, and what kinds of things can go wrong with a viral campaign (remember Kony 2012, and the public breakdown of the founder of Invisible Children?) For more on the Ice Bucket Challenge and social media literacy, see this card:
I'm really hoping that there is some lasting awareness when ALS ends, but who knows! Interesting tips, though I wonder how much they would really differ from other campaigns.
@Sjeanyoon, I like the suggestion of committing to no selfies for a month, and having to donate to a charity if you break your commitment:) I know a LOT of people who wouldn't make it a week without a selfie!
Hopefully this ALS fundraiser wont end like Kony and Invisible Children, but I think the longer people start participating, the less meaning it will have.