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BlacktipH always impresses me with their land based catch and release: it's clear that they've learned a lot about what they're doing, what is okay for the shark, and how to do it quickly! Another impressive catch (200lb Tiger Shark!) and another clean release! here's their tackle info, if interested: Bait Used --- Stingray Hooks --- 18/0 Lindgren Pitman Circle hook Leader --- 20ft leader with 6ft of #19 wire and 14ft of 500lb mono shock leader. Reel --- Duel 12/0w Line --- 130lb Diamond Braid backing with 200lb mono topshot Rod --- Custom Barrett Shark Rod
@happyrock Thanks @fallingwater Not particularly if you know what you're doing. @dougjohnson Show me something bigger!
Seems kinda small
I don't know anything about how to release sharks, but I always get nervous when they're in the water as they release--isn't that dangerous? @yakwithalan
Clearly really experienced guys. Nice video thanks for sharing @yakwithalan
Beautiful CPR! I got worried when they started snapping photos that it would take too long but this looks pretty good.