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The Ultimate Salt Water Experience for Bass Fishmerman
Ive always enjoyed watching some videos from LakeForkGuy, and here he takes us out to sea and goes Grouper fishing. Apparently its a must have experience for bass fisherman, as the grouper kind of acts like a giant bass, but in the sea. I wanna try this, especially the handline action, and see one of those giant groupers leap out of the water like they did!
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Wow--do you really think it would "feel" like bass fishing? The size is just so different @mcgraffy
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These fish are quickly becoming my new obsession...I wanna catch one
3 years ago·Reply
@fallingwater I really don't know but boy do I want to try!! @dougjohnson me too, buddy
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I went Grouper fishing once and it really is a great time!! Highly recommend if you ever have the chance.
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@yakwithalan I gotta try it!! Thanks. You made me really want to try.
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