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Day Hiking Essential - Flashlights and Lamps
You should always carry a headlamp or a flashlight and some extra batteries. You want enough light that you can walk with after dark if you’ve been delayed, or that you can camp with if you decide to stop and wait until daylight. Even if you start hiking at 6:00am and will be finished by 11:00am, still take your flashlight. An injury or bad weather can easily keep you out through the night. LED headlamps are very bright, very small, inexpensive, and last a long time.
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And be sure to not just rely on your cell phones flashlight app. Your phone will die and then you'll really be out of luck!
@honeysoo I can't tell you how many times my life has been saved by that app, but you have a good point!
Great advice! I always take one even when I'm just going for a stroll in the woods near my house; you really never know what will happen and if you plan on actually going far from the road it's really important.
Great point! I didn't have one and got stuck in a rain storm once, freaky night, that's for sure. I was getting scared of everything!