Breakfast Topic: Have You Ever Lost Your Nerve?

I am an altaholic. More than half of my loading screen on my main server is tanks, including at least one of each tanking class at various levels of progression. This is by design. I love tanking. I like the instant feedback of a job well done, because I am alive and all the aggro is mine. Cataclysm represented my first opportunity to tank content that hadn't been trivialized by overgearing and nerfs. I could not have been more excited about leveling my death knight from 80 to 85 with undue haste. I completed only one zone and have no idea what most quests in any zone were about.

When I hit 85, I realized that I had not bothered to do the dungeon quests for each zone, and I needed to go find all of the entrances. When that was done, I hit the "I" key on my keyboard to queue up. I clicked "Find Group"... and left the queue so fast that I beat the tanking insta-queue to the punch. I stared at my monitor in disbelief. What just happened? I tried again; bailed faster than the insta-queue, again. I was terrified. Shocked. I'd lost my nerve.

It's spring now. My 85 DK has run all of one dungeon at max level. I don't even log on to him anymore. server list stare at my character list every day... and I pick another toon to play.

Have you ever lost your nerve? How did you get it back?