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It depends. As a general rule, water indoor plants every 3-4 days in a pot that has a drainage hole. If there isn’t a lot of humidity inside your house your plants could dry out pretty quickly. If the succulents have access to water in the air, this humidity prevents them from losing water as quickly, so keep that in mind. You kind of have to experiment and see what works for you. When dealing with full sized plants it’s probably good to err on the side of underwatering since too much water tends to kill succulents more quickly than too little. Succulents need a short drought in order to encourage new roots to grow. That said, if the roots aren’t getting enough water they’ll dry up and stop growing. If they are too wet they’ll rot and stop growing. You really just have to experiment and see what sort of schedule seems to work. Try to give your large succulents a deep soak when watering. This way it takes at least two or three days for the soil to totally dry out. A light spray isn’t going to promote very good growth for succulents. They’ll survive for a while this way, but they’ll be healthier with a good soak every few days.