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What does an overwatered succulent plant look like? The easiest way to identify overwatering is the stem of the plant will start to constrict and turn black. If this happens, the best thing to do is cut off the top, let the cutting dry out and then put it in some well draining soil and water every few days. Eventually it will start to root and keep growing. You need to make sure you cut off all the rot though or you’ll have problems. Another symptom of an overwatered succulent is translucent or shriveling leaves. What does an underwatered plant look like? One symptom is shriveled leaves from your plants drying out. These tend to look a little drier than overwatered wrinkled leaves although it can be hard to tell. Under watered succulents also stop growing because they aren’t getting the nourishment they need. The other symptom of under watered succulents is black spots. These look similar to a sunburn and honestly, it could actually be sunburned and dried out.