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KCON Part 1!

Jung Joon-Young! My first song that I have ever heard from him was from the drama Beautiful Man OST and I fell in love with him! KCON was the first time I got to hear him sing live and it was amazing! He was so cute during the red carpet vent, because he acted all cute and shy. Although he has a pretty husky voice! His performance is a MILLION times better then being heard through any music player. Not to mention how he sang a tribute to Michael Jackson by singing Black or White! His silly dance was to funny! Let's just say he should stick to singing. I look forward for this artist in the future because he was awesome! I did record his tribute to MJ, but unfortunately I couldn't upload onto here, so I'll put up on my YouTube page and link all KCON videos that I record onto another card! I'm still not done talking about KCON, this was just part 1! Sorry it took me so long to write them, but I'll put up everything soon! ^^ Plus I was challenge for the ice bucket challenge and I was debating if I should upload it on here too, would you guys see it? I'm doing it tomorrow! Leave any comments below... :) Peace!
I loved his performance too!! His dance moves were so hilarious.
you're so lucky!! hope you had a fantastic time!!
You had such a good view at the show and you were so close to him outside! Definitely upload that ice bucket challenge hahaha
@evelynmendoza14 are there any videos?
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