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No one else controls your mood!
I really should pur this on my fridge so I can remind myself to be happy each day.
@Spudsomma it is a choice we all make and @@pixiedust is right with her feeling on how feelings rise*.
So true. It can be so hard sometimes, feeling like your mood is controlled by the world around you, but you just have to choose to be happy and you can be!
This were the exact words my father says to me .... human beings have a choice you can choose to be happy and good or the opposite
@@Kneecole I had a many things that kept me at a hold on being Happy. But..I chose to think of a Moment or Memory, that made me Laugh or Smile. I wrote mine on the calender, try that or a notebook .. After 2 wks. look at it and count the days and c if u have the same ones. Smile and Laugh(think of something silly), You will find u have a dimple in your cheeks before u know it!! Let me know how u r doing :) Try a Sunrise! To start your clearing. I have a few cards...look and see,then u try,"ITS A GREAT FEELING TO HAVE THE SUN WARM YOUR FACE,SLOWLY AS IT RISES!!" TAKE CARE!!