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While casually riding through on a country road, Dimitris Skaripas was approached by 25 or more wild and aggressive dogs. He screams for his life as he tries to scare the dogs away, however, the dogs do not back down from his screams. Eventually the "owners" of the dogs, a couple of sheep herders, come alone and settle the dogs down. The sheep herders blame the cyclist for riding on that road, a road that happens to be public. It's scary to think about what would happen if the sheep herders didn't come to his aid. How can you be prepared for a situation like this? Would a dog respond to pepper spray and run?
I have some experience with dogs but that's ridiculous.
This would be such a scary situation. Perfect time to bring out the mace!
I love how the guy asked him why he was even riding his bike here...thats so not even the point hahaha
man that was close!
I would book it out of there and hope the dogs don't bite my shoe off like in American Flyers