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Come on! Seriously? I had such high hopes for this MV (especially since I really liked their debut). I can't help but agree with the majority of comments on Youtube, particularly the comment left by Misaki240 who said "This is a huge step back for them. This is so rookie-ish, from the video to the sound its at such a low level. Hoping for better follow up or next comeback. ". It just didn't make sense. There was no plot to the video and what was with all the iRobot-esque CGI effects at the end? And when will Kpop choreographers realise that the whole crotch-grabbing business just looks awkward. Rant over. Despite my disappointment at the MV, I feel like the rapping on this track is much better than on the debut track. As their voices all start to come together you can tell that their intensive training is definitely paying off - now if only they'd get a decent MV for their next comeback then we'd be laughing!
@christy actually they're not new. They debuted a while back (check out "JJCC" on Youtube) - I can't actually remember the name of their debut track...it was better than this song I think~
Is this a new band. I liked this mv so much hope to them full success
I remembered them@ahnjp05 they r the group that sponsored by Jackie chan
@ahnjp05 thank ok I will but this track too not bad
had a great time listening