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Sunny Hill is back with their exciting, upbeat, feel good track 'Monday Blues'. While they've definitely made the move into more mainstream (=sexy) music, this track and video has been pretty well received. Many youtubers are likening the MV to cross between Super Junior's Swing and AOA's Miniskirt - do you think that's accurate? Today is Thursday and yet it feels like a Monday so I'm definitely feeling this track right now. The MV is just weird. Perfectly weird. I love everything; from the black shirt-canary yellow skirt outfits to the awkward Girls Aloud's Hot Summer-esque dancing. There's something so ridiculous about everything that means you can't help but love it and have a little giggle. What do you all think? Are you digging the feel-good beats?
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it's refreshing
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@hamxerh isn't it? ^^ I really like it. @chasinghapiness what do you make of this one?
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