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People frequently send me messages asking me 'I want to learn an Asian language but I'm worried it's too hard. Which language is the hardest?" or more specifically "Out of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, which language is the hardest? I want to learn one but I want to learn the easier one". I spent a long time trying to answer these questions and have finally done so in full on my blog explaining my background to learning the language and also the approaches I used so be sure to head over there to 'Exploring The Orient' and check it out~ It's a little hard to summarise the logic behind my opinions but in conclusion, I can't tell you which language is the hardest or which language to study as I believe it's purely a matter of perspective. How you perceive a language's difficult is dependent on a number of factors including your native language, your approach to language learning and your prior exposure to the language. Once you decide on a language I can point you towards all sorts of fantastic resources but it is you who must make the first commitment to learning a language.
I am Chinese and know the Cantonese dialect. I'm learning Korean now, I think if it was just tones, Korean is a little easier because it is more forgiving with tones. I don't know how Japanese is, but with Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese, you need to be specific with how you say the word or it will be completely different from your intended meaning. However, grammar wise, Korean is completely different from English, where Chinese is somewhat similar.
I'm currently in my second year of learning Chinese and I think that it's easy as long as you get the grammar down, but Japanese is definitely easier when it comes to tones, I tried Korean but it turned out to be more difficult for me to grasp.
I am a Chinese surely I would say it is easy to learn right haha~
Chinese and Japanese is the hardest..... It's sound the same
definitely much grammar @.@