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Myth No. 1: Processed Foods Still Contain Nutrition Fact: The added nutrition is not beneficial. You have to consider what may be making the processed food nutritious. There are some non-dairy milk and other products that contain enriched vitamins and minerals, which are moderately beneficial to health. Sometimes there are vitamins removed during processing, and added back into the processed food. Cereals, baby formulas and milk or milk products are common processed foods that have been fortified; nutrients that were not previously there have been added. However, there are also processed foods that lose beneficial nutrients completely when processed. Grains and flours do not regain the chromium, zinc or B6 after the food is processed. Myth No. 2: Frozen and Canned Foods Aren’t Healthy Fact: There are healthier frozen and canned options. This is another case of looking at the ingredient list. There are some vegetables and fruits that are flash-frozen, and the only ingredients are the fruits or vegetables; however, some brands still contain genetically modified ingredients, additives and preservatives. It also matters how you cook your food as well. Sautee your vegetables and avoid heating them in the microwave. Also, consider the healthier option for canned products. Minimally processed canned beans or soups may have a place within a healthy diet. Look for bisphenol (BPA)-free symbols on the label. BPA is considered a toxic substance.
I grow a lot of my own veg and its completely changed the way i cook/eat
Processed foods just don't taste as good. All natural foods are so much better for you AND tastier!
I used to be hesitant about using frozen foods, but if you find the right kind they're a great way to have fresh fruit and veg!