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1. stradic c14+ 2. chronarch 6:2 3. tour mg 6:3 4. tournament pro 7:1 5. concept A 5:3 Here are a few of my reels I'm getting ready for Caddo Lake this weekend. Anybody have an suggestions on where to go or what to use. I haven't been out there in years.
@ryan88argo hey man looks great. ill give you some more advice later after I get a refresher myself hah
@ryan88argo Man that sucks....good to know though. i won't be wasting my time on that. I'll check out the lews tournament instead
@mcgraffy My tour mg broke today I casted out and the whole brake system busted I wasn't very happy to say the least so I took it back and got a lews tournament pro 70 bucks less and it feels much smoother.
@fallingwater To be honest my spinning reels are my go to weather it's my home lake or a new one ive never fished. I use shaky heads a lot and I catch majority of my fish on them.
Which one had the most success for you?? I saw you had some nice catches! @ryan88argo
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