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Know About The Gravitas Of Sending An Online Prayer Request
A life that we live is something that never comes planned. A joyous life can turn into melancholy in just a blink, peace can be shattered, and you may feel perplexed and bewildered; well, that is one such desperate time when you require a way much like a light. A prayer that time can be just the thing you need. In small churches, you must have seen people flocking together and joining by hand and praying; that is the magic of prayer. A prayer is an act that binds us together. However, in case you are rather new to the concept of Online Prayer Request, this read will guide you through. Know About The Gravitas Of Sending An Online Prayer Request The gravitas of prayer Before everything, when the world was new, it was the prayers that healed us. The prayers bonded us to be who we are now. Hence there is no need to mention what prayers are, to be precise. However, you need to know that one doesn’t become religious just by praying. It can concede that prayers are something like positive words that are uttered to make one feel more positive; hence if you are into praying, it is best to keep praying without ceasing. Prayer is a way to invoke the presence of positivity. You may think that sending prayers means you will have to walk to the church. Well, that is no longer the picture. You can now send Prayer Request online by logging in to There you can send a request for your prayers, and it will convey. Well, of course, you can go to the church to have a word with the pastor and to do some socializing, but sending prayers online is like you are choosing never to stop yourself from the path that you have chosen. Praying enhances the faith and congregation. Mathew in The Bible tells a story about the way payers to increase the notion of togetherness. It goes like this, a father who brought his son possessed by a demon was not able to cast it out; however, when the son was brought to Jesus, the demon left right after Jesus commanded the demon to leave. Later Jesus was asked what special he did do that the demon left immediately. Jesus responded that the villager had a bit of faith, and that worked. Hence, praying is something that brings faith. Make facing challenges easy. Life, as said, is never going to be easy, you will have to face challenges, and there will be obstacles. Keeping yourself in prayer means you are letting in the light. The positivity in your is something that will effectively help you to face all the obstacles. Moreover, keeping yourself in the prayers will further move you towards God. This notion of surrender will actually help you with the deliverance. The conclusion Well, now that you have an idea about the gravitas of sending prayers, you now need to log in to to send prayer requests. There your prayers of any kind will be conveyed directly, and you will be able to feel that too.
Tips merawat rambut untuk Hijabers
1. Sampo dan Kondisioner Cuci rambut Anda minimal seminggu 3 kali untuk menjaga rambut tetap bersih, harum, terawat. Pakailah sampo dan kondisioner ketika kamu keramas dan sesuaikan dengan jenis kulit kepala dan rambut kamu. 2. Biarkan rambut kering secara alami Setelah keramas, sebaiknya mengeringkan rambut secara alami saja. Resapkan rambut anda yang masih basah dengan handuk, secara lembut. Jangan menggosok-gosokkan rambut anda secara keras di handuk, hal ini malah akan membuat rambut menjadi rapuh. Hindari menggunakan alat pengering rambut (hair dryer) atau catok karena bisa membuat rambut kering bila perawatannya tidak rutin. 3. Gunakan sisir dengan ujung berbentuk bulat dengan gigi jarang Tujuan menggunakan sisir yang ujungnya berbentuk bulat dengan gigi yang jarang adalah agar senantiasa kulit kepala merasa lembut ketika disisir (tidak sakit) dan gigi jarang ini membuat rambut agar tidak tertarik-tarik oleh sisir (menghindari rontok saat disisir), sehingga rambut mudah rapi. Sisirlah dari pangkal rambut hingga ujung rambut dan pastikan rambut sudah kering dan tidak kusut sebelum mengenakan kerudung. 4. Pakai serum rambut Setelah rambut disisir rapi, pakailah serum rambut supaya rambut tidak mudah rontok dan rapuh. Oh ya, jangan mengikat rambut terlalu kencang bila akan mengenakan kerudung supaya rambut tidak mudah rusak dan kulit kepala menjadi sakit. 5. Melakukan creambath atau masker rambut Jangan lupa untuk tetap merawat rambut ke salon untuk melakukan creambath atau masker rambut minimal satu bulan sekali agar rambut tetap sehat dan berkilau. Kamu juga bisa perawatan rambut (creambath) sendiri dengan membeli krim creambath atau menggunakan bahan-bahan alami dengan meraciknya sendiri. sumber:
How To Read The Bible - Easy Full Bible Text Mobile App
Many people don’t read the bible because they simply don’t understand the bible or don't know where to start reading. A mobile prayer app will help you to start reading the bible. Indeed, the bible is a comprehensive work of literature that can appear overwhelming at first glance. Many people make the mistake of opening the bible to the book text of revelation where the complexity and symbolism quickly discourage them from reading the other parts of the bible. And, if they do read other parts of the bible, what they do read seems boring and requires too much background to understand it. So, they set it down and walk away, some never reading it again. A shame, because the bible is a wonderful compilation of God’s word expressed in history, prophecy, poetry and the Gospel's accounting of the life of Christ expressed through the apostles. The Bible is composed of two basic parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is composed mostly of important Jewish history and prophecy with the book of Psalms and Proverbs leaning towards a more poetic presentation of the word of God. The New Testament, on the other hand, is composed of the first four books of the apostles: Matthew, Mark Luke, and John, and these four books discuss the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. After these first four books text is the book of Acts, which is a history of the beginnings of the early church after Christ rose from the dead and went into heaven. The apostle Paul writes the bulk of the New Testament with letters to the church in Rome (Romans), the church of Corinth (Corinthians), and others including Colossians, Ephesians, Thessalonians, and others. The end of the New Testament is, obviously, the book text of Revelations, which discusses end-time events. Okay, so where do you start to read the bible so that you get a crash course on the background of the Bible? The best book to start reading and understanding the bible is the book of John (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and JOHN). This single book is all that one needs to read to start their lifelong journey in bible reading! This book will introduce you to Jesus in a way that no other book will and allows you to understand who Jesus was and why he came to earth. There are many opinions as to the exact procedural approach to reading the rest of the bible but I am going to suggest a couple of ideas to you: 1. Always pray and ask God to bless your reading and understanding of his Word before you start reading. This way you have God’s guiding hand illuminating your mind as you progress. 2. Ask God to guide you in the book that he wants you to read. Ask God and then open the book to where your heart tells you to read. Even if it doesn’t make sense, read at least a few paragraphs… God will sometimes guide you this way and bring you back around some point in the future so it ties together. 3. Start with the Gospel of John and read the whole thing straight through. Don’t read any other books until you are finished with them. 4. Use a pen and underline everything that jumps out at you as you read. Underline those verses that seem especially important to you and in your life. 5. After you have read John, read the book of Acts. This will help you understand the early church and how the foundation of Christianity started and developed. 6. Another good book to read in the early stages of bible reading is Psalms. One strategy for reading Psalms is to set a goal to read three Psalms per day and you will nearly finish them in about a month. God will open your eyes as you read Psalms this way. 7. The book of revelation - It is best to have a study guide to help you understand this book. There are several studies help free on the net and available in bookstores. Revelation will not make sense to most without a study guide and reading it without guidance usually results in frustration. If you read the bible and get to number (6) in the list you will be well on your way as a full-blown bible reader. You see, the Bible is addicting from the standpoint that the more you read the more light you are given and each piece of light (or truth) builds upon itself. The more you seek, the more you will find and the more you find, the more you will seek. The good news is that the bible is a journey between you and God through rich and wonderful stories that will lead you into greater and greater truth.
Cara Merawat Jilbab, hijab, dan kerudung
1. Cucilah kerudung/jilbab/ hijab dengan cara manual menggunakan tangan dan hindari penggunaan mesin cuci. Untuk bagian kepala jilbab cukup diusap, jangan disikat dengan keras dan jangan diperas, biarkan air mengering secara alami. Untuk jenis bahan sutra atau katun cukup digosok-gosok saja dengan tangan dan tidak perlu disikat. Untuk jilbab yang berbahan sutera jangan pernah mencucinya dengan detergen atau sabun cuci, gunakanlah shampo. Caranya dengan mencelupkan jilbab pada air yang telah diberi shampo. 2. Jemur kerudung/jilbab/hijabmengunakan hanger. Untuk keawetan warna, jangan terkena sinar matahari langsung. Apapun bahan dari jilbab tersebut,jangan lupa untuk menjemur dengan posisi bagian dalamnya yang diluar. Perlu diperhatikan: kerudung/jilbab/hijab tidak perlu diperas pada saat menjemurnya. 3. Setrikalah dengan suhu sedang, jangan terlalu panas. Pada saat menyetrika jilbab jangan pernah pula menyetrika dacron atau busanya untuk jilbab yang berbentuk bergo,karena akan merusak bentuk dacron dan jangan menggunakan setrika yang panas untuk berbagai jenis bahan jilbab 4. Berikan pewangi pada kerudung/jilbab/hijab anda, agar terasa segar ketika digunakan. 5. Baik Kerudung maupun jilbab sebaiknya disimpan dalam lemari atau tempat khusus dan lipat dengan rapi. Jangan ditumpuk dengan pakaian lain, agar tidak kusut ketika akan digunakan. Alangkah baiknya jika kerudungan/jilbab/hijab diletakkan di gantungan kerudung. Selamat mencoba.
Five Time Prayers - By (Moeen) (Umrah and Hajj Package Tour guide)
Five Times Prayers Hazrat Ubaada Bin as-Saamit (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) as saying, "Five times of prayer have been prescribed by Allah. If anyone performs the ablution for them well, observes them at their proper time, and perfectly performs the bowing and showing of submissiveness during them, he has a covenant from Allah to forgive him; but if anyone does not do so, he has no covenant. If He wills He may forgive him, but if He wills He may punish him." (Ahmad, Abu Dawood) Hazrat Abu Huraira (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) as saying, "Tell me, if there were a river at the door of one of you in which he washed five times daily, would any of his filthiness remain ?" When he received the reply that none of it would remain, he said, "That is like the five times of prayer by which Allah obliterates sins." (Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif) Hazrat Abu Huraira (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) as saying, "The five (daily) prayers, Friday to Friday and Ramadaan to Ramadaan make atonement for what has happened since the previous one when major sins have been avoided." (Muslim Sharif) Hazrat Jaabir (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) as saying, "What lies between a man and infidelity is the abandonment of prayer." This means that when a man does not make it his practice to observe the prayer he is no longer a Muslim. NOTE: Different Fatwas are given from many different religious scholars. If you have any doubts regarding this article please ask your elders or any other religious scholar. Recommended Links Umrah Packages Hajj Packages Best Umrah Packages Umrah Packages from Surat
Kenalan sama bahan Hijab Yuk!
Buat para hijabers, saat ini sudah banyak tersedia bahan cantik dan elegan untuk hijab. Masalahnya, kapan harus dipakainya ya? Karena beda jenis kerudung sangat berperan dalam menunjang penampilan kita dalam mengkreasikan tampilan jilbab. Berikut ini 8 bahan kerudung untuk hijabers: 1.Hijab Bahan Chiffon Material chiffon mempunyai karakteristik lebih licin dibanding hycon. Dalam memakai chiffon perlu bantuan inner atau ciput agar tampilannya lebih maksimal. Banyak bergo yang berbahan chiffon. Baik chiffon two tone ataupun chiffon crepe. Meskipun agak panas, tapi bergo chiffon dapat dijadikan alternative buat acara yang lebih semi formal. Bila memilih bergo chiffon ini lebih baik sesuaikan dengan bahan busana. Chiffon sekarang ini banyak ditemui untuk pashmina dan terdapat dalam bentuk bermotif maupun polos. 2. Hijab Bahan Katun Kelebihan dari bahan ini adalah nyaman dipakai, bisa dipakai sehari-hari. Perawatan kerudung berbahan dasar katun ini juga sangat mudah. Sedangkan kekurangannya adalah bahan yang terbuat dari bahan katun tidak bisa dibentuk menjadi aneka kreasi karena bahannya agak tebal. 3. Hijab Bahan Lycra atau spandex Selain nyaman digunakan,bahan ini perawatannya cukup mudah. Hanya dengan mencuci biasa dan keringkan dibawah matahari. Bahan ini tidak panas digunakan dan lentur sekali. Kadang ada yang memiliki efek kilap ada juga yang tidak. 4. Hijab Sutra Kelebihan hijab berbahan sutra adalah nyaman dipakai dan tidak panas, lalu mudah dibentuk aneka kreasi karena teksturnya lembut, bisa dipakai sehari-hari, bahan nya yang cantik juga cocok dipakai saat acara pesta. Sedangkan kekurangannya ini mudah kusut, kadang-kadang luntur, perawatannya juga harus ekstra hati-hati biar awet. 5. Hijab Polyester Bahan hijab polyester tidak mudah kusut, bisa dipakai sehari-hari maupun pesta, dan perawatannya mudah. Tapi ada nilai kurangnya yaitu jika dipakai panas dan gerah saat cuaca panas , kadang-kadang juga membuat kita sulit mendengar karena tekst urnya cenderung kaku selain itu kerudung polyester ini juga agak sulit dikreasikan karena teksturnya cenderung kaku. 6. Hijab Rayon Hijab berbahan rayon memiliki kelebihan adem bila dipakai, terkesan casual, bisa dipakai sehari-hari. Sedangkan kekurangannya mudah kusut, kadang-kadang luntur, dan cepat menimbulkan aroma yang kurang sedap karena mudah menyerap keringat. Lebih baik jangan gunakan kerudung berbahan rayon untuk pergi ke pantai atau saat membawa anak anak. 7. Hijab Bahan Kaos Kaos lebih cepat mulur setelah berulang kali dicuci namun kaos termasuk salah satu bahan yang nyaman dipakai dan dingin ketika dipakai. Dibandingkan dengan lycra dan spandex. 8. Hijab Bahan Voile Bahan yang lembut dan halus sehingga cukup nyaman digunakan pada siang hari, tapi pada bagian leher agak sulit dibentuk karena seratnya yang tidak lentur seperti lycra dan kaos.