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Did you watch this video? YouTube ID 'queensagara', she is quite famous among K-popers. She has 2,196 of subscriber of her own channel ( and the videos she uploaded have been played 1,508,748 times. So amazing, isnt it? I will meet her with other people who are living in Seoul. All of them came to Seoul because they LOVE K-pop. We will talk about K-pop and Korean wave. So plz leave comments that you wanna ask her or tell me some interesting topics that we can talk together ;) I wanna listen as many as comments/opinions from all over the world. Let's show the power of K-popers!!! *SNSD's Gee by. queensagara (ver.1) ☞ *SNSD's Gee by. queensagara (ver.2) ☞
i like your 'nobody' dance! its so cutee :3 how much time do you spend practicing a day?
how did u learn the dances? ur dances r awesome!! :D
what was the first k-pop song you heard? and what makes you attracted to k-pop?
what song do you prefer to dance? SNSD? I'm so curious!!!!!!!! Yeeeee
You dance really well! Who do you think the best Korean dancer is? Male and female each!
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