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Vixx, IU, B1A4, Teen Top, and G-DRAGON! MNet America finally released the Concert! Enjoy!! <3
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Probably Teen Top, Jung Joon Young, and BTS. I love GD, IU, and SNSD but they've been around for so long you EXPECT their awesome performances. The other three groups are still sort of younger and were able to perform with a lot of unexpected confidence. Jung Joon Young's special stage with Rap Monster from BTS was so cool!!
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Hold up. Jung Joon Young did a special stage with Rap Monster?!!?!!?!
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Aaah @danidee that's awesome!!!!! can't wait to see the next day now!!! I loved Teen Top from the vid of the. arriving at LAX - they were my fave besides GD too!! I can't wait to see day 2!
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