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@sarah6482 Yes indeed, the lemon juice/Heartburn is a concern. Especially for someone suffering from heart burn and acid reflux. Btw, does any know what "gets off caffeine" mean in this post?
I drink lemon everyday
since i started doing this i noticed that i dont like drinking coffee anymore. i make a cup but after a sip i just dump it cuz i dislike the taste so i guess this is what "gets off caffeine " means playboyillinois :)
it definitely has cleansing properties, an elderly lady told me she lost 80 lbs,drinking it 3 times a day. I even use lemon juice out of the bottle. I will start again tomorrow.
The closest I've had to lemon for breakfast was a Lemon Drop. But that was a million years ago. I ought to be drinking lemon water if these benefits really are true.