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It's something we've heard for a long time: the best way to learn more about something, is to teach it! You often don't realize the intricacies of a topic until you have to explain it to someone else, and often, your students asks questions that you would have never thought to consider! I used to help tutor friends in high school, and when they asked me questions, I often though "man, I don't know this at all!" But as time went on, I began to anticipate the kind of questions they might ask during my own studying, and I became aware of areas I should learn more fully in order to later be able to explain. All together, it made me understand the topics better! Not only that, but when you're preparing to teach, you have to be organized about it! According to those who have been researching this topic: "When teachers prepare to teach, they tend to seek out key points and organize information into a coherent structure. Our results suggest that students also turn to these types of effective learning strategies when they expect to teach." I never really had an opportunity to teach outside of my tutoring experiences in high school, but I think giving a setting where during group or individual projects students are expected to teach a topic to other students, they will come to learn it even better! I did a lot of these kind of projects in college, and they really do help! It'd be great if they were started even earlier on.
I never understand many aspects of emotional anthropology until I had to TA a large class about it! Talk about difficult--but it was a great learning experience for both me and the students. They challenged me to more fully understand my own ideas and what I was teaching, and I tried to challenge them to do the same.
@nehapatel That kind of challenge is hard, but like it said it helps us learn better than any other way, I think!