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From Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, until Vietnam??!!
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Correction; the Japanese is my favorite in terms of how cute and serious it can be but Taiwanese is all time fave because they do their best to follow the manga all te time >w< Korean is okay. I haven't seen the Chinese one yet
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i watched all versions of "boys over flowers " except that last one. They have made an American version called "Boys before Friends " which you can find on Viki. was happy that there was an American version but it wasn't planed out well to be good. I mean, the main acters quit/been replaced in the middle of the show. Main characters shoild stay on there no matter what, even if the show doesn't turn out good or don't be THAT character/lead in the first place....anyways, i like the Korean version the most and then the Japanese version because of MATSUMOTO JUN<3 Love him <3 <3 <3 Also, who doesn't like Kim Bum? At First, i did not really like Lee Min Ho in the first couple of shows but continue watching i warmed up to him and his character :)
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Korean 100%馃挄馃挄
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Lee min ho is life馃挄
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