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Want to get your Art History fix when you're getting your Snapchat fix too? The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has created a special Snapchat account (lacma_museum) to feature pieces from some of their extensive collection in a fun and accessible way for art fans all over the world! "Yes, we believe we are the first museum to be on Snapchat," confirms Maritza Yoes, LACMA’s social media manager. "In addition to sending out content on our own Snapchat account, users can also include a LACMA tag when they are at the museum using Snapchat’s new Geofilter feature." I hope that more museums get on board with using social media like Snapchat and Instagram. It's a fun way to not only give access to an audience that can't attend these museums themselves, but also to get more and more of our generation excited about art history!
What a fun way to make art more appealing to some who might not realize they love it!
I love this so much! Go LACMA!
My art-history-major friends are going to be so happy!!
@kristenadams Using humor is sometimes the best way to learn!
This is fantastic, I love smart people with a sense of humor!
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