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Regardless of what you think about the gap between the rich and the poor, I think we all want a world were that gap doesn't matter, and we all have an equal chance of moving between those areas, right? Simple and factual, this video is worth watching. One major point I needed to harp on is that a college degree makes a HUGE difference in whether or not you can move from where you are born, to somewhere else! I'm sure there are race factors and other factors that can change whether or not that degree makes a difference, but on the simplest level, a college degree makes a big difference! Reeves considers one's changes of moving out of the bottom 20% of income distribution. For whites the odds are pretty favorable. The chances of moving to the other levels are pretty equal. For blacks it's completely different. 50% will stay at the bottom. Similarly for those born of married vs. unmarried parents and those who complete a college degree or not. This is a more positive view of social mobility in the US than I had imagined. It's worth the 3 2/3 minutes
@mcgraffy Glad to help! Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling for the past month and barely online. I don't really know why its changed. To some extent, it has, but the progress is slow and people are quick to dismiss it's importance. The more we can learn about this and spread the knowledge, the better the situation should get!
@nehapatel Thank you for this video. To be honest I don't hear too much about anything like this in my town....just know that we are all trying to get by however we can. Why hasn't this changed?