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This is just too much!! Please be advised the video is very graphic. I really only can say my prayers with the families of the victims...
This is heartbreaking. I hope that everyone affected by this can find peace.
Sounds like an awful tragedy, but after looking up the case I can't really put full blame on the driver himself. His employer had him driving a truck that hadn't met inspection. We don't know if he honked his horn or tried to warn people because of the lack of audio. I may get flak for this but accidents happen and finding the root of the problem is more important than immediately placing blame on an obvious target without review the facts.
this is terrifying......were the brakes out? I hate being in front of trucka on big hills because I'm afriad of something like this happening on the highway
I can only hope that those who lost families members find some relief soon....where did this happen? Why did it happen!! Clearly that truck was out of control. Trucks are very terrifying on the roads...