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India’s booming stand-up comedy scene tests boundaries with cutting-edge jokes
The stand-up comedy in Mumbai is venturing into sticky territory with jokes aimed specifically at the current governing body. Comedians Varun Grover and Sanjay Rajoura recently performed with a plethora of jokes about the newest Indian PM, Narendra Modi. According to the artcile, "India has a long tradition of satire in poetry, mimicry and comic movies. But as its movie industry wanes and middle-class affluence expands — along with Indians’ self-confidence and willingness to laugh at themselves — this kind of U.S.-style stand-up routine is emerging as the cool new thing among young people in the big cities." Comedy has been kept to movies and TV, but now real people are coming out to talk about serious issues with a twist of humor. Check out the video in this card and read the full article!
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she's very funny~ some of the jokes were definitely pushing the boundaries a tad but I liked how everything was just taken in stride
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they were both really funny! I can see how this might be pushing the envelope in a different culture, but it seems pretty normal by American standards.
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