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A big story about Kim Hyun Joong has come out today: He is being sued by his alleged girlfriend for physical abuse and repeated assault. The girlfriend reported that she had been hit at Kim Hyun Joong's apartment numerous times. She said that he punched and kicked her, causing her to suffer injuries on her face, chest, arms, and butt. These injuries caused her to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks in May. Last month, the girlfriend had troubles with Kim Hyun Joong again, which led to a fractured a rib due to assault, requiring a 6 week recovery. I do not know the full story, and none of this has been confirmed (as investigations are still going on) so all we can do is hope that this is a false accusation and that no one was actually hurt. I know we have a lot of Hyun Joong fans here, so I wonder what you think?
it's so sad to read this note. is it true? we don't really know,. we need to remember that just because he is good looking, and an actor and a singer does not mean that he is not capable of violence ( remember Rhianna and Chris Brown ). we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. celebrities lead a double life, there's the public and the private persona. we all want / wish this to be a rumor, especially because we remember/think of him a gentle, kind, sweet, understanding, compassionate, well-mannered young man. if he indeed physically abused his girlfriend, then he needs to pay for the consequences of his actions. he should not be exempt just because he's a public figure (some of you girls might not like me saying this). he should get anger management treatment. Girls, let this be a lesson. if you are in an abusive relationship, get out of it, seek help, talk to someone. don't believe that he's going to change or that he won't do it again, or or that your love will change him or that he did it because it was your fault NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE HIT! @lili, @saharhyunjoong @honeysoo, @chasinghappiness, @kpopandkimchi, @Leo17, @shannawi, @chinoh, @hyunsaeng638, @suranimh, @annbhoi, @cassandratomas7, @nylamrehs, @KpopGirl17, @christy, @irelis27, @tyta468
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if this is true.. although I love leader so much.. this is a big no no to treat a girl like that.. it is much better if he just let her go than staying together and hurting her emotionally as well as physically.. BUT... I hope that it's not. true and thinking of how we know of him and his personality.. I dont think that he is capable of doing it..
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If this is true, I'm beyond disappointed in matter how great you think a person is, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.
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according to the agency release, it's true. these two were in a relationship and had some physical fights. of course they're down playing the incident.
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