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A big story about Kim Hyun Joong has come out today: He is being sued by his alleged girlfriend for physical abuse and repeated assault. The girlfriend reported that she had been hit at Kim Hyun Joong's apartment numerous times. She said that he punched and kicked her, causing her to suffer injuries on her face, chest, arms, and butt. These injuries caused her to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks in May. Last month, the girlfriend had troubles with Kim Hyun Joong again, which led to a fractured a rib due to assault, requiring a 6 week recovery. I do not know the full story, and none of this has been confirmed (as investigations are still going on) so all we can do is hope that this is a false accusation and that no one was actually hurt. I know we have a lot of Hyun Joong fans here, so I wonder what you think?
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Wow... Its hard to believe this issue...
I don't believed that he did that intentionally. Maybe the girl provoke her because that's what happened when my brother and sister-in -law fought. My sister-in law is nagger and she is the first who hit him that's why my brother also hit her than turn into physical fight.
WHAT?????? oh no I hope this is a false accusation, I will be very upset if not :( I have a feeling that, like some have said, she wants attention but Idk :/
There is an update on this on my card, if anyone would like to read.