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Personally, despite all the flack it got for the awkward-bordering-ridiculous dance and v.inappropriate outfits, I much preferred their previous track 'Marionette'. I think 'Mask' is a major step back in terms of the music; it's boring and bland which irritates me because the girls CAN sing. It feels like such a waste of potential. The dance this time around is much less slutty than its predecessor so hurrah for that. It's definitely still sexy (although lacking the confidence and charisma it really needs) and still awkward in places but on the whole, a grand improvement. However, it seems like the last stylist was fired and someone new was brought in because the styling on this video is fantastic. I was actually really impressed : A+. Unlike the tat they wore in 'Marionette', the outfits in 'Mask' are chic and sophisticated - sexy but not slutty. Maybe (fingers crossed) by their next comeback we'll have a great song, awesome choreography AND stylish outfits too...or am I hoping for too much? @ahnjp05 @chasinghapiness @honeysoo @toykopop what do you guys think?
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