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Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Who doesn't love the cookie monster?? I've definitely failed at making him quite a few times, but these are so easy, anyone can do it!! Give him a go :) Ingredients: (for 24 Cupcakes) 24 Cupcakes of your choice (use your favorite recipe!) 12 Chocolate chip Cookies cut in halves For the Eyes: Marzipan (or white Fondant , or white Chocolate chips large sized) 48 Chocolate Chips (or Black Fondant or black edible coloring pen) For the Buttercream: 1/2 cup Soft Butter 2 cups sifted Powdered Sugar 2 Tablespoons Milk 1 tsp vanilla Blue food color Method: 1. Prepare the eyes: make small fondants balls with your hands & press them with your fingers & stick a chocolate chip in each one. 2. Prepare your butter cream, by mixing all ingredients with an electric mixer till smooth & creamy. 3. Put your butter cream in a piping bag with grass tip. 4. Cover you cupcakes with the blue butter cream by pressing-while piping- against the cupcake & rapidly pull your hand outwards. 5. Make an opening in the cupcake with your knife (see the post's pictures for help!) 6. Put 1/2 a cookie cautiously inside the opening. 7. Stick the eyes to the buttercream (as shown in picture).
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