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Ingredients - 50g of sugar - 100g of soft butter - 1 tsp of chopped lavender - 150g of flour Instructions - In a bowl, mix the sugar and the lavender. Add the butter and stir until it becomes a little fluffy. - Add the flour gradually, stir until well mixed. The dough holds together. - Roll the dough and make some shapes of your choice. I choose to make thin cookies (of about 2millimeters) but you can make them thicker. Re-knead and re-roll the dough until finished. - Bake in a warm oven at 300F for 7-8 minutes or longer if thicker, the cookie should be a little golden. - Allow to cool down if you can wait...
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@galinda I don't think I'll be able to wait :)
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These sound like the perfect afternoon snack, and I'll get they'd go great with a nice cup of tea.
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